Hub Vision for Manufacturers

Real Time Monitoring for Complete Channel Management
Imagine having a dedicated team of professionals who will help you monitor your products’:

Market Penetration
Street Prices
Minimum Advertised Price (Map)
Co-Op Advertising

With our state-of-the-art base product customized to fit your needs, you can enjoy convenient access to your real-time data 24/7, plus integration into your existing systems.

Hub Vision for Distributors

Knowledge That Puts You Ahead

What to Sell
Where to Buy
How Much to Charge

You get the big picture, and separate reporting by brand.

Hub Vision for Retailers

New Market? New Strategy
Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all, our team will build out tactics for every channel on your list to maximize results.

Dynamic re-pricing allows you to adjust to market conditions, maximizing your profits.

And since we have teams around the world, your information is handled on a round-the-clock schedule, assuring speedy, efficient completion.

Customer Service
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